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Whole Spices


Fragrant, rich, pure and fresh. Spices add the finishing touch to any dish.

Our whole spices sourced from around the world and are ideal for spice mills, grinders and pre packers.

Description Packaging
Cloves Stems 40kg
Red Mustard Seeds 50kg
Yellow Mustard Seeds 50kg
Whole Cinnamon (Cassia) 50kg
Whole Jeera – Blue Diamond 50kg
Caraway Seeds 50kg
Guatamalan Green Cardamon - Large - Medium 8x5kg
Elcha 10kg
Whole White Pepper - No.1 Quality 20kg
Whole Methee (Fenugreek) 50kg
Whole Somph (Fennel) 20kg
Star Aniseed 10kg
Whole Black Pepper 50kg
Whole Black Pepper - Machine Cleaned - No. 1 Quality 20kg
Bulgarian Whole Dhania (Corriander) 25kg
Cassia – Broken for Grinding 50kg
Whole Jeera – Grinding Quality 25kg
Whole White Pepper – For Grinding 60kg
Black Pepper Husk 25kg
Black Pepper Pin Heads 40kg
Eqyptian Fennel Seeds – Grinding Quality 20kg
Saffron (Castello) 300 x 1g Tin
50 x 1g Tin
20 x 1g Tin
10 x 1g Tin
10 x 1g Packet
10 x ½ g Box
Bay Leaves 10kg


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